Tsubaki yeah! second day

They settled on Alimango Island for a year. He became friends with - and had a crush on - Noritaka's assistant, a local girl called Shirley who was four years older than him. However, disaster struck when Shirley became a vampire after she drank a potion, intending for it to prove that Noritaka's research would save the world. She pled for Kiritsugu to kill her, but he refused and fled. Their village was overrun by Executors from the Church and Enforcers from the Association , both groups having arrived when they heard rumors of a magus researching into vampirism. Kiritsugu was the only survivor of the 'cleansing', saved by Natalia Kaminski , a freelancer and part-time Enforcer who wanted information on the magus responsible.

"Bored," Tsunade replied. "Your surrogate sister over there won't let me have any sake. There aren't many patients and not a lot of work today." The blond woman then looked at Naruto with narrowed eyes. "Why are you here brat?" Naruto walked up to Tsunade and threw an envelope onto the table. Tsunade raised an eyebrow before opening the envelope. It was full of Ryo, hundreds of thousands of it. "What is this for?"

Tsubaki Yeah! Second DayTsubaki Yeah! Second DayTsubaki Yeah! Second DayTsubaki Yeah! Second Day