Margaret マーガレット 遊びに来てね

Just looking at her and listening to her, I assumed that she was about my age or younger. However, I soon learned that she was almost 10 years older than me. Of course, I wanted to know her story. Here is a snapshot of Ms. Brenda’s life. She started her career as a lobbyist in the oil and gas industry in Washington, . In her late 50s, she relocated to South Africa. At age 58, she went back to school for a degree in gemology. Her passion is and always has been entertaining. Today, she is a gemologist and jazz singer. When not exploring diamond mines in Ghana, she is living life (jetting between South Africa and Ghana) and performing.      

Margaret マーガレット 遊びに来てねMargaret マーガレット 遊びに来てねMargaret マーガレット 遊びに来てねMargaret マーガレット 遊びに来てね